Life in the Slow Lane.

Life in the Slow Lane. I started writing a monthly column in Land Rover World in the Autumn of 2006. Here are all of them.


I amaze myself that I have written this column since 2006, yet I am never stuck for something to write about. Sometimes it is a recent adventure in my Carawagon, others, a weekend messing about in the 1948 Land Rover I have owned since 1973. If stuck I recall previous adventures in mine, or others, Land Rovers. As a Photographer, I have boxes full of old photos of Land Rovers that have passed through my life, and the lives of others.

The picture above was taken near the Loire, in France, on my way back from Italy in 'the old one'. Sure, I had breakdowns, and it took three days, but what good fun it was. To complete a 1000 mile journey in a 65 year old Land Rover that I have owned for my entire adult life. How good is that?

These articles, reproduced in full, are courtesy of Land Rover World, published at first by I.P.C, then latterly, by Kelsey.

I hope you enjoy them.