From ebay to Espania.

From ebay to Espania. New to Motorcycling I take my Cagiva Elefant across the Pyrenees.



Outward route.

1st 174 miles from Santurtzi port, Bilbao (P&O) to Jaca

Take A8 east to J19
Join N634 to Elgiobar
Take Gi2636 SE through Azpeitia to Tolosa.
Join N130 SSW to Lekunberri where you have to join the bigger A15.
Just before entering Pamplona head east above the city to Uharte.
From Uharte take Na150 down to Lumbier.
South of Lumbier join the N240 and head east to Jaca.

All of this is gentle rolling hills.

I stayed in the Hotel Conde Aznar. (Rough Guide) Good with secure parking.

2nd 197 miles from Jaca to La Seu de Urgel.

Leave Jaca on the N330 heading for Sabinanigo.
Just before Sabinanigo turn off north onto the N260 to Biescas.
From Biescas stay on the N269, but head east to Broto
Stay on the N260 across the A138 at Ainsa.
Still on the N260 continue east to Campo.
From Campo head north, still on the N260 to Castejon de Sos
Then east to Vilaller joining the N230.
N230 north to Viella.
From Viella head east on the small C142 (or C28/C13) to Esterri d’Aneu and south to Sort.
From Sort head east to La Seu de Urgel.

This day is more mountainous.

I stayed in the Hotel Nice. Good with secure parking.

Final 100 miles from La Seu de Urgel to Argeles Plage.

From La Seu de Urgel take N260 east to Bourg Madame and the French border.
N116 to Mont Louis, then on to Ille-sur-Tet.
At Ille-sur-Tet dive off right on D615 to miss Perpignan.
Head for Thuir and join D612 to Elne
Take N114 south to destination.
This morning is fairly flat.

Return route.

1st  201 miles from Argeles to Bagneres de-Luchon (Luchon)

Back the way you came. D612/D615 to Ille-sur-Tet.
N116 down to Bourg Madame.
Then head NW on N20 up the Col de Puymorens (1915m)
Continue on N20 to Ax les Thermes then Tarascon.
At Tarescon head west on D618 over Col de Port (1250m)
Go on to St Girons then continue SW on D618 over Col de Portet d’Aspet ((1069m)
Reach D33 and head south to join D125 into Luchon.

This day is very mountainous.

I stayed in the Hotel Nice. Good. Parking in front of Hotel

2nd 214 miles from Bagneres de-Luchon to St. Jean de Luz.

Take D618 west to Arreau then D918 in the direction of Bagneres.
Do not go to Bagneres! turn left, still on D918 and head south over Col d’Aubisque (1709m) to Luz St Sauveur.
From Luz St Sauveur head north up the D921/D918 to Argeles Gazost.
Stay on D918 across to Eaux Bonnes

This day is very mountainous.

I was hit by huge storms here and bailed out taking the main road up to Pau, but had the weather been okay would have continued this way:

Head up to Laruns and join D934 to Arundy.
Turn west on D918 across to Mauleon Licharre
Carry on on the D918 to where it meets the D938 and head south to St Jean Pied de Port.
From St Jean Pied de Port take the D918 again NW to Cambo les Bains
Stay on D918 to the coast and St. Jean de Luz

St. Jean de Luz is a big tourist destiantion and ALL the hotels were full in August. I was forced to stay in a big out of town place in Irun, just into Spain.

Final 111 miles from St. Jean de Luz to Santurtzi port, Bilbao.

Despite ending up in Irun I soon rejoined the route taking the N634 through San Sebastian and all along the coast before having to get back on the A8 to skirt south of Bilbao and to the port.

This morning is flat and follows the coast through some small seaside resorts.


Have fun!