I have always been a Professional Photographer. Advertising, Brochure and PR work have formed the mainstay of my business for 20 years. In that time I have kept abreast of new developments in our Industry and made the move to digital in 2002, seeing this medium as the future, whilst many of my peers waxed lyrical about film. I run a collection of up to date Apple Mac’s and am pretty fluent, and quick, in Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Lightroom 2, giving me the benefit of being able to send work out finished and ready for reproduction. I have ample lighting for most jobs using, predominately, Elincrom Professional Studio Flash. This is suitable for everything from table top product shots to kitchen room sets. I work mainly with a Canon 17 million pixel cameras and Canon lenses, but have back up cameras as well.

My Archaeological photography has taken me deep into North Africa to photograph rock art, tombs, and small finds. Trips have been as far reaching as Ethiopia, Libya, Egypt and Western Sahara. As a result of needing to photograph excavation sites from above I have developed a simple kite camera set up, that has produced some dramatic pictures that have been published around the globe in various scientific journals.


My combined interests in photography, travel, Land Rovers and writing have been rewarded with regular features in Land Rover World Magazine where I am listed as ‘Photographer’ and ‘Regular Contributor’. I have had well over 50 major articles (2000 words and 10 pictures) published in L.R.W. and other magazines. Commissioned work has taken me to Spain, Morocco and Portugal, as well as all over the U.K.


In 1998 I successfully completed an two year M.A. in photography and dipped into the Art side of our medium. My final portfolio explored the subtle balance between voyeurism and exhibitionism and the relationship between subject and photographer. 


Like any business I see success being down to three very simple disciplines. Give the client what they want, when they want it, at a price that has been agreed.